POST! Chardonnay Singleton
"FCAN TAMPA RESISTANCE", Chardonnay Singleton, St. Pete, FL

This is a show open to everyone:
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POST! Christopher Wanklyn
"Old Glorious Barcode", Christopher Wanklyn, Chicago, IL

POST! Ryann Slauson
“I Like Firing People”, Ryann Slauson, Tampa, FL

POST! Bradley Arthur
“No Stnkr”, Bradley Arthur, Land O’ Lakes, FL

POST! Angela Mark
“Hey Dude Where's My Country?”, Angela Mark, Boston, MA

POST! Michael Shore

“Death Walks on Water”, Michael Shores, Boston, MA






Jun Bustamante

David Rovics

About the Show

The Republican National Convention is happening in Tampa this year.

Cafe Hey is located in Tampa just outside of the perimeter of the RNC "zone": right on the line dividing the convention's insiders from the larger public, aka outsiders, troubled majority, 99%.

This is an open call to people in the US and abroad who wish to express their views to RNC leaders, the media, and others inside the convention zone.

All submissions will be on display in and outside Cafe Hey starting on the day of the show's opening on August 25 and extending to the end of the RNC on August 30.

Before Code Enforcement

After Code Enforcement

POST! Garveate Ray
“Eco Terrorism”, Garveate Ray, Brandon, FL

POST! Lorena Snodgrass
“Tits & Ass”, Lorena Venice,Tampa, FL
“Loser”, Stephanie Tripp, Tampa, FL
POST! Garveate Ray
“Organize”, Garveate Ray, Brandon, FL





John Clark and Imminent Front

Acho Brother

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A E Scott
Alex Maldonado
Alicia Everett
Angela Mark
Barely Breathing Studios
Betsy van Die
Bill Badrick
Bradley Arthur
Brent Harris
Bruno Seto
Bud Good
Carlo Scanagatta
Christopher Wanklyn
Daniel Veintimilla
Eliz Barger
Florida Consumer Action Network
Garveate Ray
Giovanna Moreira Hueb
James Hendry
Jimmy Breen
Katie Christ
Lorena Venice
Michael Shores
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Nicole Kibert
Nino Rodriguez
Patches ‘12
Ron Watson
Ryann Slauson
Stephanie Tripp
Tony Akery
Hemes dos Reis
Victor Marques Lins

How to See the Show

Come to:
Cafe Hey
1540 N. Franklin Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602